Positive psychology’s “flow” and ADHD’s “hyperfocus” describe the same brain state

Scores of coaches and training programs offer to help athletes looking for a competitive edge by providing techniques to move them “into the zone”. Business consultants promote their ability to synchronize states of “flow” for the whole workplace. Often they claim that we understand the brain chemistry and physiology behind…

ADHD studies provide tantalizing findings.

Some people dismiss ADHD as a cultural phenomenon. Others interpret the fact that stimulant medications consistently produce the largest reductions in ADHD symptoms to mean that the condition is primarily a neurochemical problem — a deficit of dopamine.

Yet fundamentally, ADHD brains differ from standard-issue human brains in wiring and…

Looking over, rather than overlooking, our bodies improves mental health.

Blasting billionaires into space reminds us that humans survive only in a narrow range of temperature, atmospheric pressure, radiation exposure, and oxygen content.

In order to stay alive, animals need to track the external world and what’s going on in their own bodies, and then adjust their metabolism and behavior…

Can personality testing provide useful information about ADHD or other conditions?

Online you can find dozens of personality tests. After you’ve filled out one such survey, notices about other personality inventories will inundate your screen, many of them for Myers Briggs personality typing. If you have ADHD, depression, social anxiety or another mental health diagnosis, you’re likely to see links promoting…

John Kruse

John Kruse MD, PhD, San Francisco psychiatrist, father of twins, marathon runner. Author of Recognizing Adult ADHD: What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About ADHD

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