A psychiatrist’s perspective

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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

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Some reassuring information, with a lot of unknowns

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Lessons from ADHD may help put it in perspective

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Stimulant medications can actually help

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Bigly, Big Lie, and the Bigger Lie

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Some of the problems

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Some of the Problems

ADHD increases the likelihood that a teenager or young adult engages in risky sexual behavior: they become sexually active at younger ages, have a larger number of partners, are more likely to have unprotected sex, and contract more sexually transmitted diseases than their peers without ADHD.

Nature Selects for (F)risky Sexual Behavior

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My child faces a world more welcoming than my own

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Nine months post-election, the ex-president has his first foreign policy success

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John Kruse

John Kruse MD, PhD, San Francisco psychiatrist, father of twins, marathon runner. Author of Recognizing Adult ADHD: What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About ADHD

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